Despite the current crisis in the aviation industry, JOB AIR Technic with its repairs of civil aircraft pass on. The advantage is that airlines need not only to service their aircraft, but currently also to park them.

 "The interest in aircraft storage is enormous in these times. A lot of companies are calling us because of this. It may be an interesting source of additional income for us, we have a lot of space here, but of course we prefer repair contracts, so we must refuse some of those interested in simple parking, "describes Vladimír Stulančák, CEO of Job Air Technic, who also introduces the current state of orders to the CSG owners.

"We see that many leasing companies, which are the largest aircraft owners in the world, are withdrawing their aircraft from collapsing airlines and using the crisis for repairs. It certainly brings with it opportunities. Now, for example, we have several planes on the way from a customer from Ukraine, " says the head of JAT.