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VZ.77 DANA 152 mm


Great negotiation of rough terrain - typical advantage of the unique TATRA concept.


Primary reloading system is fully automatic. DANA‘s unique feature is that its autoloader is able to load a shell and a cartridge in any elevation of the barrel.


The DANA's crew is fully protected against firing of small arms and shell splinters.


Proven military system. Long range, outstanding accuracy and firing rate. Large number of carried ammo.

The 152 mm wheeled self-propelled gun howitzer DANA is a wheeled combat vehicle armed with the 152 mm gun. The howitzer has been designed to provide fire support and neutralize enemy firing positions by indirect fire. It is ranked amongst the most traditional and well-proven artillery systems due to the extensive in-service history and production that commenced in the 1970‘s. The number of howitzers produced is over 800. Thanks to the compatibility with its successors it is still in service as one of the leading active and effective battle proven military system. The DANA has a crew of five. The driver position is on the left side and the commander position on the right side of front crew cab. Both positions are equipped with a single hatch on the roof that opens forward. There are two small windows at the front of the vehicle which can be covered by shutters. The other three members of the crew are located in the turret with the gunner and loader on the left and ammunition handler on the right. There is one single door on each side of the turret. The DANA is fully protected against firing of small arms and shell splinters.

Weight26.3 t (29.2 t with 60 shells)
ChassisTatra 815 VP 31 8x8
Crew1 + 4
Length11,156 mm
Width3,000 mm
Heigth3,350 mm (3,530 mm with DShK)
EngineTatra T3-930-52 V12
Output265 kW
Top speed (off road)80 km/h (25 km/h)
Cruising range600 km (50% on fields)
Fording depth1.4 m (instant)
Side slope15°
Vertical obstacle0.6 m
Trench crossing1.4 m
Main gun152.4 mm howitzer
Firing range (DN1CZ HE ER BB)20 km (25.5 km)
Elevation-4° / 70°
Rate of fire (1st minute)5 / minute
Rate of fire (sustained)4 / minute
Carried ammunition40 (60)
Secondary weapon (AA)12.7 mm DShK